Winning at Hearts

This simple strategy will help you win consistently at the game of Hearts.  Score you hand strength by totaling the number of cards with a face value of eight or greater.  A strength score of seven is average. Ducking becomes more difficult the higher your score.  Your chance to Shoot the Moon increases along with your strength score, but a score of nine is needed to really turn the odds in your favor.  Of course, many face cards help any attempt to shoot and a lot of eights and nines not so much.  A lousy hand with high strength helps gauge when you should pass all high cards that you can never cover.  Odds favor that you will eat them anyway. Also, when you have to pass the queen, king, or ace of spades; include two club or diamond face cards.  This helps to keep the other player in the lead, everyone will know they have the queen, and they cannot target you with the queen as easily.  Of course, a player that ducks is the best target for an occsional risky pass.  You will be in for some long hard fights, but amazed with all your victories.


Choose Long Passwords

There is strength in length.  Each additional character increases the difficulty exponentially.  Ever wonder why they allow maximum password lengths of 20 to 24 characters?

Start with a length of 10 to 12.  Build longer passwords based on a series of three character sets.

cbs          three lower case letters

247          three numerals

MTC          three upper case letters

@#$         three special characters

“cbs  247  MTC  @#$”  becomes a 12 character password.  Repeat the structure to add 12 more characters resulting in a gigantic 24-character password!

yuk   916   DLQ   *&%

  Use Shortcut Keys Like Ctrl+F, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+P…

Just say, “ROY G. BIV,” and transcend into the visible light spectrum.  Similarly, “TENNIS ROBOT” provides an acronym for shortcut keys to expedite you Internet browsing.  Why even slow down to consider what they call that icon with those three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of your browser?

Ctrl +                T                New Tab

.                     ( E )

Ctrl +                N                New Window

Ctrl +  Shift +     N                New Incognito Window

.                     ( I )

Ctrl +                S                Save Pages

.                      TENNIS

Ctrl +                F                Find  

 Ctrl +               P                Print                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Ctrl +               H                History

Ctrl +               3                 Downloads

Ctrl + Shift +     Q                Exit

FPH3Q is common in robot code.  Find is all you usually need.

Ctrl +               C                 Copy

Ctrl +               X                 Cut

Ctrl +               P                 Paste